Women’s Empowerment Business Grant

The purpose of the Women’s  Empowerment Business grant  is to assist women achieve the dreams and goals in Entrepreneurship and Business ownership.

The search and need for money to start a small business and  start-ups can be a daunting task  for women as they pursue goals in Entreprenuership and Small business ownership. The  Woman tO Woman W.O.W organization is committed a solution-based effort to Encourage, Empower, and Embrace women in this endeavor.  We understand that money is a resource and a tool that serves to empower  a female business owner  seeking to initiate and grow her business!

Our primary focus is assisting women   who are trying to start small businesses, home-based or online. The grants amounts will range from $125 to $350 (based on funds available) and  are intended to be used to cover cost to legally structure a business, pay for a website domain or creation, pay for marketing materials, and any of the other tasks on a business owner’s to do list but are essential expenses that can are crucial to a successful foundation and start of any business venture. The grant is awarded quarterly and amounts are determined by available funding.

No repayment is required or expected although we have structured a series of training and mentoring so that we can remain connected to witness and celebrate  the success of the business owner . We want to make sure that grant recipients are prepared to pay it forward and mentor other women.

The Empowerment grant program is structured by the Woman tO Woman W.O.W 501(c)(3) Non-Profit to the extent that we accept applications and award  grants, all grants come from all sources of funding to include but not limited to private, government, or solicited donations or funds.


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